Lilith WuLilith Wu


Lilith is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who creates emotional, narrative-driven images, comics, and animations. In a previous life, she worked as a software and UX developer in the Bay Area and is interested in how those skills may be incorporated into future projects. Self-discovery, relationships, and other complexities of being human are recurring themes in her personal work.

Outside of illustration, she enjoys pottery, climbing, reading, learning languages, and keeping her plants alive. Periodically, she also attempts to convince herself that she enjoys running.

She is available for work!

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  • Power in Numbers 8 (Gallery Nucleus, 2023)
  • Selections from Thesis Projects (SVA Chelsea Gallery, 2023)
  • The Book Show (SVA Gramercy Gallery, 2022)
  • Power in Numbers 7 (Gallery Nucleus, 2022)
  • MoCCA Arts Fest (Metropolitan Pavilion, 2022)
  • "The Museum of Extraordinary Things" show (SVA Gramercy Gallery, 2022)
  • The End is Nigh show and book (Light Grey Art Lab, 2021)


  • Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for Exceptional Achievement (School of Visual Arts, 2023)


  • School of Visual Arts MFA Illustration 2023
  • Stanford University MS Computer Science 2014
  • Stanford University BS Symbolic Systems 2013